Rear Parking Sensors With Audio Visual Display
  • Rear Parking Sensors With Audio Visual Display

Rear Parking Sensors With Audio Visual Display

Brand: Steel-mate
Product Code: Rear Parking Sensors With Audio Visual Display
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4 x Parking Sensors With Audio Visual Display Available in all colours

4 x Sensor rear kit with audio visual display can be fitted to any Mercedes model. The system can be programmed to ignore protrusions such as nudge bars, tow bars and spare wheels.

4 sensor system, complete front and rear protection
Complete with audio visual displays
1 control unit designed for luxury vehicles
Intelligent detection, compatible with spare tyre or metal bar (rear & front)
Anti-false alert technology
Can be used in different sensor combinations e.g. 4 rear or 2 rear etc
Detachable sensor with waterproof cable connectors
Self-test function
All weather design


Colour Code

Our booking team will call you you to confirm your required colour code in order get the exact match for your car. If you are unsure were to find the colour code, it can be found on your owners log book or chasis plate under the engine or we can obtain the code off your vehicle registration.

Installation process

After making a purchase of your chosen product, our booking team will contact you within 24hrs of purchase to arrange an appointment for the installation of your product. We have great booking times to suite all; we also accommodate installations on weekends if preferred or late evenings.

We guarantee to have an engineer attending site within 5 working days (mainland UK only), we will post out the product via our courier service or if preferred our engineer can bring all equipment and parts with him on the day of installation. On completion of the installation our engineer will demonstrate and set up your product.

Call our booking team now for technical information and queries on Tel: 0161 850 5151

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