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Vehicle Navigation LTD T/A Autologics Terms & Conditions 

In the event that an appointment needs to be cancelled we require minimum 48 hours notice (Mon – Fri) excluding bank holidays. If this is not given then a cancellation fee will be charged. If we are given incorrect details for a booking, and we are unable to locate the address, then a cancellation fee may be charged. If you wish to change the installation address we require minimum 48 hours notice (Mon – Fri) excluding bank holidays. If this is not given then a cancellation fee will be charged. If the equipment is not on site when we arrive, and we have not been informed of the non arrival/misplacement or any other reason for this then a cancellation fee will be charged. 

If an installation is cancelled and the customer requires a refund, then the delivery charge is not refunded. All parts are to be returned by the customer via an insured delivery method. Car specific parts may not be able to be refunded in full. If the parts do not arrive in 7 working days then we reserve to charge for the parts. 

If an installation engineer is left waiting on arrival, then he may need to automatically leave to ensure all other customers’ appointments are not affected. Our installer will allow 20 minutes for the customer and equipment to be made available. If this does not happen then a call out fee will be charged. Our cancellation call out fee is set at £45 + VAT. 

Service calls / warranties
Autologics products come with a lifetime warranty covering the installation, and one year free of charge warranty on all parts or as per manufacturer’s terms. 

If a service call is required and upon inspection it is the fault of the user or external to the product supplied, then a call out fee (£60 + VAT) would be charged, and possible parts may need to be purchased to resolve the fault. If the fault lies with the manufactured product then Autologics will honor the warranty. 

Moving of parts for any reason after installation of Autologics products will void the warranty unless done by approved Autologics engineer.

The following are not covered under warranty: user error, misuse, damage, tracker moved to a different car, wear & tear, adjustment by anyone other than our Autologics installer, software updates, or anything otherwise deemed outside of the manufacturer’s warranty. 

In the event of a service call we may need to send new parts direct to you for replacement. Once the service call has been completed we require you to send back any faulty/unused parts within 7 days of completion. These need to be sent back via insured post. We are not liable for the parts in transit. Any parts not returned within 7 days are charged to the payment method we have for your order. 

Software updates are sometimes released by manufacturers. It is not a free service or warranty service so is chargeable if required. Any work carried out, or not approved by Autologics is not covered, and we are not liable for payment. 

Vehicle Navigation uses secured payment methods and keep all data encrypted to adhere with the data protection act to safeguard all data provided by our customers. All goods remain the property of Autologics until paid in full. 

All service calls / cancellation fees / non-returned parts will automatically be billed to your existing payment method. If any credit card payments are unlawfully clawed back from the credit card company or cheques are stopped then we reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £15. 

Vehicle Navigation is committed to providing the best possible service in the industry, and we have been doing this since 1999. We use the best installers in the industry. If our engineer or delivery is delayed due to reasons out of our control we are in no way liable or obliged to provide compensation. Any suspected damage to the vehicle during an installation must be demonstrated, proven and agreed with the engineer before he leaves the site. If in the rare case damage has been made, then our installers are all fully insured for such instances. 

Delivery of parts to be installed
The equipment will be usually sent direct to the installation address provided before the day of installation. If no specific delivery address is provided, then the equipment will always be sent direct to the installation address. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure these goods arrive on time, and to inform us of any delivery problems/missed deliveries/non deliveries or lost deliveries more than 24 hours before installation. If we are not informed before the installation date, or the installer arrives on site, then we reserve the right to charge a call out fee/cancellation fee. All goods are sent via Royal Mail special delivery, City Link, APC, DHL. The delivery requires a signature; courier will leave a card with contact details if no one is available to sign for the delivery. 

The price quoted is usually the price you pay for the service. Any prices quoted may be subject to change if additional parts are required or additional labor is required. 

Vehicle Navigation LTD is committed to offering the best service and prices in the industry. On the rare occasion that you find a quote lower than us we would suggest you make sure this quote is not hiding anything that may be charged later. (e.g. delivery charge, audio integration).

Our team takes care when an order is placed to ensure that all parts are correct. It is essential that the customer provides us with correct and accurate information regarding the vehicle and type of device they require with any other information that would be relevant. Any wrong information may result in a call out fee/cancellation being charged. Our booking slot is usually 1 hour and is the best in the industry. In an industry that relies on traffic and travel times, it is not always possible to meet the time. Sometime we may need to give a 2 or 3-hour slot of arrival so we are as accurate as possible. Please allow 1 to 2 hours for installation once the installer has arrived. 

Please ensure you are available on completion of the installation so that we can give you a full working demonstration and address any questions you have. 

All other terms and conditions apply.
In almost all installations the wiring is fully concealed behind the dashboard giving a factory fitted finish. However a small amount of wiring may be visible on some products not on security products

Installation engineers
Our customer vehicles are precious and need to be handled by experienced professionals. To ensure this we use the best Mercedes Retrofit engineers in the industry. We do not let trainees or inexperienced engineers work on our customer cars. Any issues you may have which you believe are warranty related with your Mercedes retro fit need to be dealt with directly with Autologics. Any other approach to the installer may invalidate your warranty. Any approach made by our customers direct to the installer for future work, or other services without our authorisation will invalidate your warranty and may result in legal action for loss of business. Any damage, or claims for damage regarding the installer/installation, if valid will be covered by Vehicle Navigation liability insurance. No claims can be made, or paid without pre agreed permission from Vehicle Navigation.

Location & parking
Suitable parking needs to be provided for our installation engineer to work on your car. If your installation address is in the congestion charge zone, then Autologics need to be notified at the time of your booking. If the installation address has a pay parking facility then all payments need to be made by the customer; Vehicle Navigation LTD are not liable for this. Whenever possible cover would be advised for poor weather conditions, this is to protect the customer’s car. The parking facility needs to be undisturbed once the installer has commenced work. Any council owned car parks, or NCP car parks run a very strict policy that does not allow us to work on their premises; no installation will take place at these locations unless agreed at the time of booking. Due to insurance issues, and health and safety issues our installers are unable to work on roadside parking in busy areas. This is down to the installer’s discretion.

Pre and post installation checks
Our installer will check the vehicle before, and after the installation, and may ask you to sign a completed job sheet. We advise the customer checks the vehicle with the installer before and after the installation, any faults or problems with the vehicle must be raised and discussed with the installer before he leaves site. Any claims thereafter are not liable. We are not responsible for any issues raised once the installer has left the site. The customer or an authorised nominee must attend the vehicle with the installer before the job, and once the job is complete. If the customer fails to inspect the vehicle once the job has been completed, then this invalidates any possible claims to Autologics.  

Returns and Exchanges
We are able to offer an exchange or refund on parts that are returned to us safely, in the original packaging, and that are pre agreed with Autologics. No refunds are possible on any delivery charges, or labor. Certain parts may be ordered in, and may be car specific, these may be subject to a surcharge if returned. Any parts for refund need to be returned to us within 10 days. If a retro fit has taken place, then no labor fees can be refunded. This may include the installation, and de-installation of any parts. 

By purchasing from Vehicle Navigation LTD you automatically agreed to our terms and conditions, and these apply for all instances. 

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